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Student Committee

A feature which enriches the academic field of experience in this institution is a monthly student publication, the L'avocat newsletter, which carries articles authored by the students on subjects of varying interest from the sociolegal to the literary. Thus students savour journal writing and graduate with journal experience.

The L'avocat student committee which is credited with the newsletter also hosts the War of Words, the Checkmate Show, a team debate competition, Legal Hall a project presentation on issues of legal import and Crime Scene Investigation as part of the Freshers’ Meet within the first week of the academic year. Thus freshers are inducted into the institution in this novel way. These competitions serve as ice breakers and give the students a taste of what lies ahead in the course of their legal journey.

The Moot Court Society
The college has a very active moot court society which is formed with the objective of facilitating students acquire lawyering skills. The society apart from conducting intra college competitions and workshops for students also assists and guides them in participating at the various States, National and International moot court competitions.

Another event which holds pride of place at Law College is the legal philosophical discourse, Shastrartha which spans three days and hosts speakers from the varied fields of economics, industry, media, bureaucracy, entertainment and sports as also the legal fraternity. At the end of every session students are encouraged to address their queries and raise issues. On each successive day participation is invited to brainstorming exercises like Donning the Wig, Reverse Engineering and Narrative Jurisprudence.

The Cultural Committee
This committee strives to unearth hitherto undiscovered talents in the sphere of cultural accomplishments like dance, drama and the performing arts. This has resulted in the students active participation in these areas at major college festivals and other inter collegiate events.

Juris Cine
The Juris cine Club in its aims and objectives synthesizes the twin, relatively unconnected, fields of law and cinema, as a pioneering venture and even drew commendation from the media in the recently past when, The Times of India supplement, West Side Plus carried a story on the merging of the two fields. This club hosts film screenings on socio legal issues. On all such occasions a curator is invited to critically analyse the same and highlight the salient features for the benefit of the students.

In the year 2010, SVKM made legal history when it hosted a Cultural Festival - Vividh 2010 (Harmonizing Distortions), an effort which showcased the capacity of students to organize such a mega event. January 2014 too witnessed a mega cultural festival, Vividh 2014.

The college has made representations of both girls' and boys' teams at football, throw ball, table tennis, badminton, chess and carrom to National Law School, Jodhpur and National Law School, Bangalore in the recent past.