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Society for International Law and its Affairs (SAIL)
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The Society of International Law and its Affairs is a student-driven committee in PGCL dedicated to contributing to the various aspects of International Law, International Relations, Global Affairs and corresponding academic development. SAIL strives to indulge in events and activities which foster the development of youth in and beyond the legal fraternity.


Faculty-In-Charge: 1) Dr. Navasikha Duara, I/c. Principal 

                                 2) Dr. Kavita Rai, Assistant Professor




Anas Dhorajiwala  III Year
Ansh Sharma  III Year
Aanandita Gurav  III Year
Dhruva Brahamania  III Year
Risha Patel  III Year
Shravya Dhulla  III Year




The following students are inducted as SAIL Members for the academic year 2023-2024
1. Aanya Naqvi  II Year
2. Anant Naik  III Year
3. Anuj Vishwakarma  III Year
4. Anusha Poojari  II Year
5. Harsh Lad  IV Year
6. Ishani Salunkhe  II Year
7. Jinen Lakdawala  IV Year
8. Krishi Shah  III Year
9. Meet Karia  II Year
10. Mehak Sahu  III Year
11. Mishri Vaghani  II Year
12. Mitali Tendulkar  II Year
13. Mosam Patel  III Year
14. Muskaan Jaggi  II Year
15. Palak Jain  III Year
16. Pankti Gogri III Year
17. Rushil Agrawal  II Year
18. Shrishti Shukla  II Year
19. Siya Bhadra  IV Year
20. Toshit  II Year
21. Urmi Shah  II Year
22. Vanshika Gandhi  II Year
23. Yana Singh  II Year
24. Yash Sheth  IV Year
25. Yoksha Mehta  IV Year
Aayushi Vanzara  IV Year
Anoushka Desai  IV Year
Anupam Verma  IV Year
Gayatri Bajaj  IV Year
Jaiv Udeshi  IV Year
Nahusha Mehta  IV Year


DETAIL: for events on 2022 -23


SAIL hosted a moderated Discussion on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in the intellectually stimulating environment of the PGCL Moot Court Room on 8th August, 2022. In light of the pressing global issue surrounding Russia's invasion of Ukraine, PGCL organized a moderated discussion to delve deep into its multifaceted implications. The primary objective was to equip students with a lucid understanding of the reasons behind the conflict, its subsequent humanitarian consequences, and the wider disruptions it posed to the established world order.


A Webinar by Prof. Chhaya Bhardwaj on "Challenges of Global Diplomacy and Implications of War on Transnational Dynamics” was organized on 16-02-2023 in the virtual mode. As an esteemed figure in the realm of global diplomacy, Prof. Bhardwaj's expertise was harnessed to present an illuminating discourse on the challenges faced in international diplomacy and the repercussions wars have on transnational dynamics.



In light of the growing significance of maritime laws in the international arena, PGCL organized a Certificate course on "Importance of International Law and its Relations with a Special Maritime Module" between 5th to 24th April’ 23 to elucidate the intricacies of International Law, with a special focus on Maritime Laws. This course was meticulously designed to introduce students to the foundational aspects of International Law, emphasizing the relevance and nuances of Maritime Laws in today's world. The initiative aimed to enrich students with the critical knowledge necessary for navigating the complex interplay between International Law and Maritime Laws.



With an intent to enlighten the students about the United Nations, its pivotal role in global affairs, and its multifaceted structure, functions and procedure, PGCL organized Model United Nations. This initiative was targeted specifically for students, ensuring they gain a comprehensive grasp of the workings of the United Nations, thereby setting a foundation for their potential future engagements in Model United Nations simulations. The session sought to cultivate an appreciation for international diplomacy and the significance of the UN in shaping global narratives.