Society for International Law and its Affairs (SAIL)
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Faculty-In-Charge: 1) Dr. Navasikha Duara, I/c. Vice-Principal  2) Dr. Kavita Rai, Assistant Professor


The world is changing rapidly and it doesn’t remain the same for too long. This change is not only visible in terms of advancement of science and technology but also in terms of reach of people and communication. Any one of us in the current era is not just a citizen of one town or country, but in fact we are all global citizens. With the effects of globalization clearly visible, our identities are now linked to a global perspective making the knowledge of international law and affairs a necessity. The Society of International Law and its Affairs (SAIL) is a committee of SVKM’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law dedicated to creating awareness about International Law and Affairs. SAIL has various platforms through which we support students and individuals to develop their understanding of International law and affairs:

  • Moderated Discussions: SAIL has successfully organized several moderated discussions throughout the years, some of those were on the topics of String of Pearls, Diplomatic tug of war: India and Pakistan and the most recent one was on US-China Rivalry Pre and Post Covid Situations.
  • Events: SAIL works towards putting together events that give people a new perspective towards the global society. One such event was conducted on the UN Day of Enforced Disappreances where we had Mr. Tenzin Tsundue (Tibetan writer and activist) share his story.
  • Blog: SAIL has its very own blog where articles related to topics of International Law and Affairs are written to give people information about International Law, as well as to give students a platform to publish their articles.

Blog Link:

  • Social Media: Our Social Media Platforms are an attempt at raising awareness of a plethora of issues pertaining to Global Affairs. We, at SAIL, believe that ignorance is not bliss. These issues must be addressed and a change cannot come into place without the youth playing an active role towards its outreach.
  • Annual MUN Orientations
  • Webinar: Very recently, on the 27th of June 2020, SAIL organized a Webinar on the topic of ‘Attribution of Articles of State Responsibility on International Acts’. This was conducted by Mr. Rahul Tanwani (Adv. Supreme Court of India). On 12th August 2020, we had another webinar scheduled on the topic, “India’s Engagement with the world” which was delivered by Dr. Arvind Kumar, Head of Department Geopolitics and International Relations at Manipal Academy of higher Education.
  • Current event: On 3rd September, we will be conducting a lecture on the “Basics of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement” which will be given by Ms. Daksha Baxi, Head of International Taxation at Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas. To get more information on SAIL or to contact us, feel free to drop an E-mail at


SAIL recently conducted an 'Intra-College Case Brief Competition.' Participants were to submit their write-ups on any International or Foreign judgements. Further in correspondence, on 25th September 2020, SAIL organised an event called ' Training Session on Essentials of a Case Brief- with Dr. Anjuman Sofia Ali, the Washington Post.' The results for the same were declared on 27th October 2020. The following are the Winners:

Winner: Parishi Jain [2nd Year]

First Runner Up: Gaurav Ahuja [2nd Year]

Second Runner Up: Nimrah Sayani [4th Year]