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Library Committee
Library Committee for the A.Y. 2023-24

The objective of the Library Committee is to incorporate suggestions and recommendations received in periodical meetings. The Committee also holds meetings for weekly review to address any grievances that may arise. The Committee reviews the progress of the library activities, the development of the collection, and aims to enhance library services for students and faculty to pursue their academic interests.


No. Name Designation Status
1  Dr. Navashikha Duara,              I/c Principal   Convener
2  Dr. Suman Kalani,            I/c Vice Principal    Member
3  Dr. Geeta Kubsad                         Assistant professor  Member
4  Ms. Kavita Sharma                         Assistant professor  Member
5  Ms. Anju Singh                             Assistant professor  Member
6  Ms. Apurva Thakur                       Assistant professor  Member
7  Mrs. Sarika Jaytakar                  Librarian       Secretary
8  Mr. Hemant Shetye                Librarian      Member Secretary

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