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Faculty In-charge: Ms. Anju Singh, Assitant Professor

Faculty Members:

1) Ms. Vidya Tewani, Assistant Professor
2) Mr. Vikrant Halkander, Assistant Professor

Student Members (A.Y. 2022-23): 




The L’avocat Literary Society provides a unique platform to literary enthusiasts, passionate readers and dynamic thinkers to express their ideas and explore their inner artists. There exists a unique and magical relationship between law and literature, adding a sparkle to the legal persona. L’avocat dedicatedly seeks to awaken this sparkle in the students of PGCL. The student contributions to the monthly newsletters and the annual issue testify to the magnitude of the students’ creativity in varied literary genres. L’avocat also hones the critical thinking skills of PGCL students by engaging them in writing academically-oriented research articles on various current issues, more specifically, issues that are closely and directly related to legal studies.

Additionally, L’avocat organises an array of activities, events, competitions and workshops throughout the year. The academic year is flagged off by welcoming the first year students with the Freshers’ Meet - a two-day intra-college literary event. In the course of the year, the Society  hosts a number of events under its event-organising sub-committees, namely:

  • Book Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Awaaz - The Poetry Cafe
  • Debatte - The Debate Society

These sub-committees are supported by the Technical and Creatives Team, as well as the Editorial Board.


Highlights from 2022-23:


Aawaz Meet: The Poetry Cafe of L’avocat, ?waz, hosted a platform for the students of PGCL to come together and express their emotions through the art of poetry. Participants voiced their artistic selves in sundry forms, including songs, poems, verses, and more. The event was enlivened with the faculty performing their own poetical pieces before the audience.  The poetic escape was truly invigorating and insightful while giving a momentary glimpse into each artist’s poetic universe.


Intra-College Quiz Competition: This event aimed at providing the PGCL students with a welcoming platform to show off their knowledge on a varied number of topics and compete to win. The event saw active and enthusiastic participation from the First years, third years, and the fifth years. There were teams of 2 to 3 students and everyone portrayed exceptional sportsmanship and zeal. It was a very well-managed and successful event and saw very enthusiastic participation.


3rd Inter-Collegiate Poetry Recitation Competition: An inter-collegiate poetry competition was held by the poetry cafe of L’avocat, ?waz. Students from various colleges all over Mumbai enthusiastically participated in the competition. The competition began with participants reciting their self-composed pieces.The organizing committee also created an atmosphere of ecstasy by boosting the morale of the participants and presenting their compositions. The winner and the runner-up were announced and were presented with a certificate of appreciation. We clicked a group picture to commemorate the memory.


In Conversation with a Young Author: The Book Club hosted a QnA with one of our talented students, who published a book at 20. The event was full of creative and skilled insights into the process of writing and publishing. The author also emphasized on the importance of IP rights and royalty when self-publishing. It was a very successful event which left the attendees feeling inspired.


16th Annual Issue Release: This was the release of the 16th Annual Issue of L’avocat. The efforts of the Editorial Board were acknowledged and appreciated by everyone.  The Chief guest was introduced to the audience and the platform was handed over to ma’am. Ma’am shared her journey and experience with writing. She shared how she connects her writing with strong moral values and how they reflect in her books. Through her writing, she hoped to create a positive impact for her readers. The annual issue was then released by our chief guest and the principal. Our Principal, Dr. Navashikha Duara shared a few words of wisdom as well.


Fresher’s Meet : The whole team of L’avocat came together and hosted a 2-day event full of literary adventures for the first years. It was a glimpse of what their law school journey had in store for them. They competed against each other in competitions which enhanced their debating skills, creative and analytical thinking abilities.


L’avocat-CLPRS Intra-College Debate Competition: The event was planned to improve critical thinking skills, enhance oratory skills, and promote research & analysis of a topic. Additionally, these competitions also help students develop analytical and speaking skills. The Competition aimed to introduce the students to important constitutional topics like if there is an urgent need to control the population by legislative means, free-speech privileges to MPs outside the parliament, and Anti- Defection laws. It helped students demonstrate the effectiveness of using sensible, reasoned arguments and compelling facts. It allowed them to express their point of view through rhetorical eloquence. Additionally, it instilled remarkable professionalism and trust in debaters.