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Juris Cine
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Academic Year – 2023-24


Faculty Convenor

  • Ms. Apurva Thakur

Faculty Members

  • Dr. Rachi Singh
  • Ms. Vidya Tewani

Core Student Members

  • Charmi Gala
  • Mahek Jikadra
  • Nishtha Rathod
  • Rajlaxmi Pawar
  • Srushti Vaidya

Student Members

  • Alifiya Boxwala
  • Chirali Mistry
  • Devika Babbar
  • Eishan Patel
  • Jiya Shah
  • Krisha Jain
  • Mahee Parekh
  • Minal Bhanushali
  • Moksha Shah
  • Neha Raje
  • Rishika Shah
  • Saanya Pillai
  • Urvi Shah
  • Vedika Srivastava



  • Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day – July 18, 2020

Nelson Mandela showed to the world the path of non-violence to overthrow apartheid in South Africa. His life and teachings are even more relevant in today's age, where forms of dissent have changed to fight the same old demons.

On 18thJuly 2020, JurisCine celebrated the Nelson Mandela Day by sharing rare and significant videos on his life and teachings. We also held a discussion on the ideas expressed in the videos.


  • Celebrating Kargil Vijay Diwas – Juky 26, 2020

Our students paid a beautiful tribute to our brave soldiers on Kargil Vijay Diwas by making a video on India's resounding victory, in war, and peace.

The video was circulated on all class groups and was uploaded to MS Stream.



  • Law and Cinema Forum

Each year, JurisCine invites persons from the film industry to talk about the process of acting/directing/screenplay. Care is taken to choose films with socio-legal themes.

Forum On Law & Cinema: Chapter- I; Exploring Section 376 (D) Ipc (2021): invited the writer and directors to speal about the challenges of depicting socio-legal issues on screen

Forum On Law & Cinema: Chapter- II; Tajmal with Niyaz Iqbal (2022): invited the director of the Marathi film ‘Tajmal’ to discuss his creative process and his journey from a lawyer to a law student.

  • Celebrating World Mental Health Day (October 12, 2022)

Students of Juriscine has created a video aiming to spread awareness about how the online world has affected all of us. The  video explains the importance of mental health and post screening discussion on the same. The event was a screening of this short film followed by a discussion.


  • Celebrating World Nature Conservation Day, August 28, 2020

Mr. Amol Marwaha, a wildlife photographer was invited to speak about the abundance of nature, and the need for conservation. He highlighted how social media can help with the conservation process.



  • Commemorating Jalliawala Bagh Massacre April 13, 2022

To memorialize the events of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre through the medium of cinema.  The idea was to discuss the events, the fall-out of the same


  • Representation of Queer Community  in Indian Cinema February 25, 2022

JurisCine organised a discussion on Queer Representation in Indian Cinema. The members short-listed 4 clips from movies and short films to be shared with the attendees and to have a discussion on. The clips were from Super Deluxe, Kanchana, Aligarh and A Monsoon Date. The clips were shown to the students and a discussion took place on how the society views the LGBTQ community and how we can help make it better


  • Video Creation

Students and faculty of JurisCine create many short films that intend to raise awareness about social and legal issues. The same are available on the college YouTube channel.

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  • JurisCine Recommendations

JurisCine also shares movie and series recommendations on special days and commemorative days.