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Extension Activity - Events

1.            First Year Orientation

•             Every year First year students are given an in-depth orientation session organized the library staff. Students are given a tour of the library and all the necessary details regarding the use of the library are shared with students to help them use the library and its rich resources most effectively.


2.            Marathi Bhasha Divas

•             Organized a Talk on Marathi Bhasha Divas on 27th Feb, 2019 - Guest : Dilip Chaware

•             Oranized a Talk on Marathi Bhasha Divas on 26th Feb, 2020 – Guest: Dinkar Gangal

•             Organized a Talk on Marathi Bhasha Divas on 26th Feb, 2021 – Guest: Adv. Jayant D. Jaibhave


3.            Constitutional Day

•             Organized a Book Exhibition on 26th November, 2018

  •  Received donation of Replica of Indian Constitution , 2023



4.            Skills Session

•             Arranged a Skill Session on ‘Reading Effectively’ by Amrut Deshmukh - a Booklet Guy, on 14th October 2019.

•             Arranged a Skills Session by Ms. Jyostna Sawant on Speed Reading and Mind Mapping


5. Workshops and Seminars

•             Conducted a National Workshop on Confronting Copyright: For Librarian and Academicians, on 14th October, 2017

•             Conducted a One-Day Workshop on Free and fee-based Law Databases: An aid to Legal Research, on 24th March 2018

•             Conducted a Workshop for UGC-NET Aspirant: Paper 1 General paper on Teaching and Research Aptitude, on 30th June 2018 and 1st July 2018

•             Conducted a Two Days’ National Level Workshop on Scholarly Research Work: With Online and Offline Tools, on 15-16 March 2019. 

•             Conducted a One-Day National Workshop on Copyright and Related Rights for Librarian and Professional, on 21st September, 2019.