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Constitutional Law and Policy Reform Society (CLPRS)
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CLPRS – Constitutional Law and Policy Reforms


The Constitutional Law and Policy Reform Society (CLPRS) believes that a strong democratic society depends on its citizens’ ability to comprehend the intricate details of constitutional law and policymaking. CLPRS seeks to involve and spread knowledge of constitutional law  through discussions, interactive lecture series, workshops, seminars, and debate competitions.

 CLPRS provides students and faculty of Pravin Gandhi College of Law, a platform to participate in a deep-dive of constitutional tenets. It  offers a forum where current laws and policies are examined with the goal to suggest changes to existing law and to policy. 

 CLPRS organises activities such as annual debates, discussions on recent constitutional developments, policy changes; conducts guest lectures by judges and practioners of law. These events help students refine their debating, research, and oratory skills.


2022-2023: Highlights


 1. Annual National Essay Writing Competition

Annual National Essay Writing Competition with various current as well as historic socio-legal topics as themes, such as: 

  • Deliberative Democracy in Indian Parliamentary System
  • The Role of Freebies In Indian Elections

2. Discussions on recent legal & constitutional issues/developments

 Discussions on recent legal & constitutional issues/developments lead by CLPRS members, namely:

  • Abortion Rights of women in live-in Relationship
  • The judgement on Demonetization 2023

3.Organized 4th Intra-College Debate Competition 2023 in collaboration with L’avocat 

This event was organised with the objective to improve critical thinking skills, enhance communication skills, and prompt analysis of a topic along with developing the speaking skills in student 

Topics for the debate:

  • Preliminary Round – The House believes that there is an urgent need to implement population control measures through legislative means. 
  • Semi Final Round – Members of the parliament are not entitled to the same free speech privileges outside parliament as they are within parliament. 
  • Final Round – In the light of the recent political crisis in Maharashtra, it is evident that the anti-defection law are ambiguous and need to be strengthened.

4. Quiz Competition on occasion of Republic Day 

To gain a better understanding of the history of the Constitution’s making and lesser-known facts regarding republic day, with the aim to develop democratic principles and constitutional values in today’s youth, this quiz competition was organized. 

5.  Gandhi Jayanti Celebration:

A session on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti was organized, to discuss Gandhian philosophy of peace and non-violence, and its relevance in modern times.

The resource persons presented a concise session on the Gandhian ideals of Satyagraha and how it was different from the principle of passive resistance, according to Gandhi, and that the former is a much more dynamic force than the latter.

The event provided the attendees with insights into Gandhian philosophy of peace and non-violence, and how it is evident even in the modern times.