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Center for Conflict Resolution
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Academic Year – 2023-24

Faculty Coordinator : Dr. Suman Kalani

Faculty Member: Dr. Rachi Singh


Student Convenor – Harshita Tyagi (4th Year)

Student Co- Convenor- Shubhi Dotiya (4th Year)


Core Members:-

Siya Bhadra (4th Year)

Teesha Sharma (3rd Year)




Alumni Advisor:- Ms. Ashna Shah


SVKM’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law’s Centre for Conflict Resolution is dedicated towards imparting knowledge and promoting ADR. Dispute resolution mechanisms are one of the most important goals of legal justice and hence it is very important for all the law students to understand the working of it. CCR works on introducing new and innovative methods to reach it goal of spreading awareness about dispute resolution. The main aim of the centre is to give the young law aspirants practical insights by conducting workshops, training sessions and tournaments on Alternative Dispute Resolution methods.

International Online Dispute Resolution Simulation Tournament - International ODR Simulation Tournament presents a unique opportunity for the participants to explore the ODR mechanism to resolve conflicts. In the era of technology-driven world, it is imperative that technology, both automated and assisted, is used in dispute resolution to achieve the goal of access to inclusive justice. ODR became the buzz word during the ongoing pandemic and forced the masses to explore the possibilities of adopting ODR. The new normal or the future of dispute resolution certainly holds new ways and mediums for resolving disputes. The ease, speed and accuracy which can be brought by technology helps in addressing many pressing concerns and also opens new possibilities for parties and lawyers. In the near future, ODR will become inevitable. The thrust of this Simulation Tournament is to give the participants a hands-on experience with a simulated environment on the best ODR platforms. Participation, by engaging in the role assigned, will truly make the tournament an enriching experience.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Training Week - The ADR Training Week was organized from July 5, 2021 to July 9, 2021. It was a unique initiative and the brainchild of Centre for Conflict Resolution of SVKM’S Pravin Gandhi College of Law. The program aimed at providing an insight into ADR, its growing dimensions and its future by way of an interactive discourse. The event focused on practical aspects, growing trends in ADR through panel discussions and interactive sessions.

Workshop on Mediation Advocacy - A workshop titled “Mediation advocacy and it’s impact in India in the Era of Singapore Convention of Mediation was held on 31st August, 2021 from 5 Pm onwards. The esteemed speaker for the day was Dr. Bharati Rao, the founder of Snehi Mediation & Counselling. It shed light on provisions laid down by the Singapore Convention and various other conventions related to mediation and their effect on India and concluded by how the youth can be educated about mediation and how mediation can be implemented at the local level.

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