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Infrastructure & Facilities
PGCL: Progressively spearheading research and teaching.

The interactive teaching methods are designed to aid comprehension and retention and aid for a lifetime. Our focus is to train the student to think and act from the very inception with a legal mind, acquiring lawyering skills for varied legal services in the modern world. The teaching methods provide rapid socialization into the standards of legal thinking and blends training with knowledge management.

"The only source of knowledge is experience."
- Albert Einstine

Teaching Methodology

Pravin Gandhi College of Law has a vantage location on the eighth floor of the Mithibai Complex in Vile Parle West; the heart of Mumbai city.  This location facilitates its connectivity to the various Courts and the offices of major law firms in Mumbai.

Pravin Gandhi College of Law is renowned for its infrastructure; an infrastructure which goes a long way in facilitating numerous services.  This includes a state of the art Moot Court Room, Wi - Fi enabled Library, Computer Laboratory, fully furnished air-conditioned classrooms with multimedia facilities.  It also has auditoriums, seminar halls as well as conference halls.  Closed circuit television systems contribute to the enhanced security of the college environs in the college corridors and Library.


The well-stocked, wifi enabled Library is designed for comfort and it’s spaciousness creates a conducive environment for research. Student have access to legal and non-legal journals, subject related reference resource and a wide range of online services and programs which support and supplement the syllabus, enables unhindered continuous research hence promoting legal scholarship. Leading international and national law journals, law reports and magazines are subscribed by the college and are available to students. In addition to print collection, the library has electronic resources and data bases accessible to students through links. Use of laptops is permitted in the library. 

Legal Journals:


1)     All India Reporter

2)     Aps Labour Digest

3)     Asian Journal of Legal Education

4)     Christ Law University Journal

5)     Corporate Law Adviser

6)     Corporate Professional Today

7)     Current Central legislation

8)     Current Labour Report

9)     Education Law Cases

10)  Flair Talk

11)  Indian Journal of Corporate Governance

12)  Indian Journal Of International Law

13)  Journal of Human Values

14)  Lawyers Update

15)  Legal Era

16)  Legal News & Legal Views

17)  Management and Labour Studies

18)  NUJS Law Review

19)  One India One People

20)  Practical Lawyer

21)  Supreme Court Reports

22)  Witness



Non – Legal journals :        


1)     Business Today

2)     Bhavans Journal

3)     Chartered Accountant

4)     Chartered Secretary

5)     Chronical

6)     Civil Society Online

7)     Corporate Environment

8)     Down To Earth

9)     Economist

10)  EPW

11)  Foreign Trade Review

12)  Frontline

13)  Green File (India)

14)  Gender, Technology & Development

15)  Honey Bee

16)  India Quarterly

17)  Indian Journal of Gender Studies

18)  International Studies

19)  Jadavpur Journal of International Relations

20)  Journal of Education for Sustainable Development

21)  Navneet

22)  Outlook

23)  Quest In Education

24)  Reader’s Digest

25)  Social Change

26)  Studies Indian Politics

27)  Science, Technology and Society

28)  Seminar

29)  South Asia Green File

30)  South Asia Research

31)  The Week

32)  University News

33)  Vikalpa

34)  Yojana

Online Services:

1)      Westlaw india

2)      SSC (


4)      CLR (


Electronic Journal Databases:

1)      EBSCOhost

2)      Economic and Political Weekly

3)      ProQuest Central

4)      JSTOR

5)      ScienceDirect

6)      J-Gate (Social & Management Science)


E-book Databases:

1)     E-brary

2)     McGraw-Hill

3)     Pearson E-Books


Research Databases:

1)      CRISIL

2)      Euromonitor: Passport

3)      ISI Emerging Markets

4)      CMIE: Economic Outlook

5)      Frost & Sullivan


Law Databases:

1)      West Law

2)      Manupatra




Moot Court

Pravin Gandhi College of Law has on its premises a simulated court room in which   the dignity of the institution of the judiciary is upheld and revitalized by mooting students. Mooting nurtures students’ analytical skills indispensable to courtroom advocacy.  Thus students learn doctrine through real world context skills, a ‘learning by doing’ approach.

“Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.”
- John Milton

Computer Labs

Computers facilitate research for moots, presentations, projects and syllabi related queries. Internet access assists in this endeavor.

Pravin Gandhi College of Law has all this and more available at the click of a mouse in the well-equipped twin computer labs with its seating capacity of more than thirty students.